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(Classic) 3rd Party Application Deployment in Azure

Learn how to add a 3rd party application and provision it via your RemoteApp collection.

This article refers to the MyCloudIT Gen 2 platform, which was launched in 2015. Look for MyCloudIT Gen 3 to be launched in early 2021.


Our default RemoteApp collection only covers standard applications for office purposes. This guide will show you how to add a 3rd party application and provision it via your RemoteApp collection.

Follow this video guide or the steps below to deploy a 3rd party application in your deployment.

HubSpot Video

Deploy 3rd Party Application

  1. If your Windows version is 2016, you need to create an Active Directory user and grant him admin rights. Otherwise, you can use the admin user that you typed in the provisioning form.
  2. Open your favorite Internet browser and go to the web feed URL specified in the deployment Details Page, login with the admin user and access the RDP file of the collection. If you would like to save the RDP file for future references then it is recommended you use Firefox, otherwise, the RDP connection will automatically open without giving you the option to save it locally.mcit-user-guide-deployment-3d-party-app
  3. Once the RDP file has been downloaded, open the Remote Desktop with the admin user and install the 3rd party app that you’d like to publish. This is similar to how you would do it on your regular desktop.
  4. Once the app has been installed, you can go back to the MyCloudIT portal, refresh the page if needed and go to Deployment > RemoteApp > Applications. After the info is retrieved, the 3rd party app should be listed, click the Edit/Manage button and select the app you want to publish.
    The MyCloudIT portal gives you the ability to publish applications via RemoteApp from our management portal. The only caveat is that the applications listed to publish must show up on the Start Menu. If your application does not publish to the start menu, click here to learn how to publish a Shortcut to the Start Menu so you can publish your application through our portal. You can also leverage Windows Server Manager to publish custom applications. Please check out this video here to manually add an application.
  5. Wait for the event to finish, go back to the Web feed url, log out and refresh the page, and then you should see all that 3rd party application ready to be accessed.

Need help with a 3rd-party application? Email us at support@mycloudit.com