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(Classic) Estimate Monthly RDS Cost with Cost Estimator

Learn how to use the Cost Estimator to estimate your monthly consumption.

This article refers to the MyCloudIT Gen 2 platform, which was launched in 2015. Look for MyCloudIT Gen 3 to be launched in early 2021.


This guide will show you how to use our Cost Estimator, a free tool built-in all deployments, to estimate your monthly consumption.

How to Use the Cost Estimator

After filling all the deployment details and choosing the size of VMs and the size of storage, select Cost Estimate button to get an idea of what your deployment costs will look like. Modify data and recalculate to get your ideal configuration. You must click every time you change any of these options to get the updated cost.

Our Cost Estimator gathers the information entered by the admin in the provisioning process and runs it with the respective deployment template (file in JSON format used to create and configure resources in Azure using the Azure Resource Manager API) to list the resources required to provide the desired customer deployment. Once all the Azure resources have been listed, the cost estimator uses the Azure RateCard API to estimate the hourly cost of each one of them, showing to the user the estimated monthly cost of the entire deployment.


The cost includes MyCloudIT license fees and Azure consumption cost based on a 24/7 – 31day/month service rate. Please note that you’ll have to consider the RDS SALs or RDS CALs in addition to that estimated cost.

Don’t want to run the remote desktops/remote apps/virtual machines 24/7? Check out our Scheduler feature to save 30% your Azure consumption.

Do you have any questions about the deployment process? You can email us at support@mycloudit.com.