How do I add new clients/resellers to the platform?

Learn how to add new clients and resellers to the platform.

  1. Log into the MCIT platform,
  2. As a reseller, you are taken to view to reseller view of the portal.
  3. On the left-hand side menu, click on Manage > Customer

  4. In the Customers page, click on +ADD to input new client information.

  5. Once you input the required information Next will become enabled > click NEXT
    1. Customer Type: Client should be select for your end customers.
    2. Customer Type: Reseller should be select for other resellers that manage multiple customers.
  6. Complete the remaining steps and select information as it applies to you > click Create.
  7. The modal will close, and you will receive a notification that your customer has been created and a new modal will prompt asking you if you would like to add users or access to the new customer.
    1. If you select Skip the modal will close, and you will see your newly created customer at the top of the list.
    2. If you select Yes, the Edit Client modal will prompt. Here you can choose to Add User and/or a Provider to the new customer account.

      1. To add a User select + ADD USER a drop down will prompt where you can select with Azure AD or with Object ID.
      2. Next in the Provide tab, you will connect to Azure to ADD a provider. Click on + CONNECT TO AZURE to add a provider. See here for article on adding a provider:
      3. Once a provider is added, the subscriptions will be listed. Select the subscriptions to tie to the account.
      4. Click on DONE and the modal will close. Your new customer will be visible