How do I disable (re-enable) all Autoscale policies?

Learn how to disable or re-enable all autoscale policies.

(For Resellers) This page is only available in the client's portal. To access your customer, follow these steps here.

  1. On the Autoscale page > click on the Red power button.

  2. In the modal, select to Disable Autoscaler permanently or pick a date and time to re-enable the Autoscaler.

  3. Click on Disable.
  4. Back on the Autoscale page and after you have turned the Disable option on, you will a warning message.
    1. Update: To edit, update, extend the disablement of ALL Autoscale policies, click on the Edit pencil icon in the message.
    2. Re-Enable: To turn back ALL Autoscale policies immediately for that Deployment > Collection, click on the Green power button.