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(Classic) How do I Publish RDS RemoteApp Programs?

This guide will show you how to publish RDS RemoteApp collection programs. RemoteApp provides the ability to deliver applications remotely using Remote Desktop Services.

  1. Log in to your RDS broker server (commonly named in MyCloudIT as RDSMgmt) using the a domain administrator credentials.

  2. Open Server Manager.
  3. In the Dashboard view, under Welcome to server manager section, click on Add other servers to manage. You can also do a right-click on the All Servers, located on the left pane, and select the option Add Servers.
  4. On the Add Servers view, inside the Active Directory tab, wait for the search in the current domain to finish and click on the Find Now button.
  5. Select all the computers found on the list and by selecting them and then click the arrow button which will move them to the Selected section. Click ‘OK’.
  6. Wait until the Remote Desktop Services, located on the left pane, is loaded and all the collections are listed. To manage a specific collection, click on the collection name on the secondary left pane and all the connections will be listed under the Connections section.
  7. By default all collections created in the My Cloud IT (v3) portal are the full Remote Desktop experience. To convert a "Remote Desktop" collection to a "RemoteApp" collection simply publish one or more programs. See below showing "resources" label which will show you what type of collection the selected one is.
  8. To publish a RemoteApp Program click "TASKS" then "Publish RemoteApp Programs" as shown below.
  9. Tick the program you want to publish and click next then Publish.
  10. To access your published RemoteApp programs visit your autords.com / rdweb URL and log in as a user.


If you have any questions about RemoteApp publishing or for advanced scenarios, please contact us at support@mycloudit.com