How do I reset a schedule?

Learn how to use the reset schedule feature.

The reset schedule feature is to reorder the status of the virtual machines by the original priority at a set time.  

Use Case: When using Smart Scale, machines scale in based on what machine users are currently logged onto rather than just by priority. For example, VM1 is priority #1, VM2 is priority #2, VM3 is priority #3. During drain mode, when users log off VM1 and VM2, VM1 and VM2 are deallocated and VM3 remains active. At reset schedule time, and when there are no users, VM1 is turned on and V3 is set to drain mode since VM1 is priority #1. 

Use Case: Session hosts can manually be started or deallocated through the platform (for maintenance or troubleshooting purposes for example) which can lead to a change in priority. The priorities will need to be reset.  

(For Resellers) This page is only available in the client's portal. To access your customer, follow these steps here.

  1. On the Autoscale page > Session Host table > click on the Reset Schedule button. 

  2. In the Reset Schedule modal, enter the time frame and checkmark the Enabled box.  

  3. Click on the Update button to activate the feature.