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(Classic) Manage Your Billing Information

Billing can be accessed on the top right of the MyCloudIT platform. You can access a summary report, statements, payment details, transaction history, and Azure consumption.

This article refers to the MyCloudIT Gen 2 platform, which was launched in 2015. Look for MyCloudIT Gen 3 to be launched in early 2021.


Our Billing page provides a comprehensive overview of your total costs in delivering RDS in Azure via MyCloudIT, including the summary report, monthly statements, payment details, customer details, transaction history, and Azure consumption.

You can access Billing on the top right of the MyCloudIT portal under your username.

The Summary Report

The Summary page offers a quick, easy way to review and visualize the current billing information of all the subscriptions and deployments. The billing summary chart only displays the costs MyCloudIT will charge you; therefore, only subscriptions provisioned through MyCloudIT will show costs, including Azure consumption. Any subscriptions not provided by MyCloudIT (Azure and SPLA) are not included in this total.

In the first level, you will see the total cost per subscription. The legend under the pie chart shows the costs in the dollar amount for each subscription.

Scenario 1: If a partner brings their own Azure subscription and purchases only SPLA and MyCloudIT licenses via MyCloudIT, the summary chart will only show the total amount of licenses per subscription, excluding Azure consumption.


Scenario 2
: If a partner purchases Azure via MyCloudIT, the summary chart will show the total amount per subscription (MCIT licenses + RDS SALs) and total Azure consumption across all subscriptions.


“Unidentified Subscription Usage”: not all users have access or permissions to view all Azure subscriptions related to the Azure tenant they are currently pulling data for. If you see this message, it likely means another user from your organization has deployed services using a subscription you don’t have access to. If our system finds billing data related to subscriptions you may not be able to see we mark that data under “unidentified subscriptions.”

Click on a pie slice to see the total license costs for each deployment under a subscription. Again, we only show the collective Azure consumption on the 1st level. The following levels only show the total license costs (MCIT + RDS SALs)


In this example, there are 12 deployments under MCIT vNext Dev subscription. Each slice represents a single deployment and shows how much it accounts for the total RDS costs in its subscription. The pie chart shows the percentage value (if equal to or greater than 15%), and the legend shows the dollar amount for each deployment.

Click on a pie slice to see a breakdown of the current bill of a single deployment.


You will see the breakdown of MyCloudIT licenses and RDS SALs for the current bill of a deployment. The pie chart shows the percentage value, and the legend shows the dollar amount.

Tip: Click on each subscription/deployment in the legend to exclude/include it in the pie chart.

The Estimated Billing amount is calculated based on the number of reported MyCloudIT licenses, MyCloudIT SPLA licenses, and an average of Azure consumption on MyCloudIT-provided subscriptions over the last 7 days of activity. Any discounts or coupons applied to your account are not included in this total.


Under Statements pane, you can find all your monthly statements.


Click on a statement or download as a PDF to see more information.

Payment Details

After you add payment information in your first deployment, your credit card information will be stored and displayed under Billing>Payment Details as the default method of payment. You can manage and update your credit card information in Payment Details.


If you want to change your method of payment, you can add a new credit card and make it the new default option. MyCloudIT will only charge the default credit card for all deployments under your account.

Customer Details

Manage and edit your information.

Transaction History

Under Transaction History, you can find all your transactions up to date.


Azure Consumption

Keep track of your recent Azure consumption in the last 3 days, 7 days, 15 days or 30 days.


You can sort filter by Subscription, Meter Category, Meter Sub Category, and Meter Name.

You can also switch to the chart view to have a visualize of the changes in Azure consumption. Click on Table View to switch back to the table.


Under the chart view, you can also download the data and save the chart for further analysis and report.

If you have any questions about billing, feel free to email us at support@mycloudit.com.