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(Classic) Manage Your Virtual Machine

Learn how to manage virtual machines within your deployment to achieve the greatest efficiency.

This article refers to the MyCloudIT Gen 2 platform, which was launched in 2015. Look for MyCloudIT Gen 3 to be launched in early 2021.


Using RDS on IaaS, the MyCloudIT platform not only simplifies your provisioning process but also gives you the flexibility to customize your resources. This guide will show you how to manage virtual machines within your deployment to achieve the greatest efficiency.

The Virtual Machines Management Page lists all the virtual machines used in your deployment.

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Stop/Start/Restart Virtual Machines

You can stop/start/restart all virtual machines at the same time or one by one by clicking Group actions or next to each virtual machine.


For further editing Group Action, e.g. schedule a timeline to stop and restart all virtual machines, visit our Automated Azure Resource Scheduler.

Edit Size of Each Virtual Machine

There are cases that you need to increase or decrease the capacity of your deployment, and the quickest way to do so is to edit each virtual machine’s size according to your needs. Changing a virtual machine’s size may result alter the cost of the configuration.

Click on “Edit” next to that virtual machine and select the size that you want to upgrade or downgrade to. Please note that not all sizes may be available for your subscription, region, or deployment configuration. Therefore, we only list the available sizes that your machine may upgrade or downgrade to.


If you want to add another virtual machine to boost your performance or deliver a specific application/workload, you will have to deploy a domain-joined virtual machine and link a virtual machine to this existing deployment. For more information, see our Virtual Machines guide.

Have a question or two about virtual machine management? Email us at support@mycloudit.com