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(Classic) Receive Notifications for Your Deployment

You will receive notifications for your deployments via your MyCloudIT dashboard.

This article refers to the MyCloudIT Gen 2 platform, which was launched in 2015. Look for MyCloudIT Gen 3 to be launched in early 2021.

From the MyCloudIT Dashboard

By default, MyCloudIT delivers information about deployment events such as create/update/delete users, start/stop/restart resource group, create backups through in-platform notifications. You can see an overview of the latest notifications on the Dashboard (Name, Last Update, and Status).


From Notifications Tab

To access the full list of notifications, you can go to the Notifications tab.


Click on the name of a notification to see detailed updates of your actions.


Please note that for signing up and activating a demo desktop, you will receive notifications via email along with the instruction and required credentials.

If you have any questions about notifications, please email us at support@mycloudit.com