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RDS Agent Installation

To manage some RDS features in the MyCloudIT platform, the RDS agent is required.

Most MyCloudIT RDS features require the agent installed on the MSDC virtual machine. A few examples of features that use the agent to perform tasks are:

  • Autoscale feature
  • Add and Delete Session Hosts
  • Send message to RDS users
  • Update Collections configuration settings

The MyCloudIT RDS agent only needs to be installed once per deployment (not once per collection). Note: The agent is not needed for AVD deployments.

  • If the installation is run again the agent will just uninstall and then reinstall the latest version.

To install the agent:

  1. Go to the MyCloudIT portal and navigate to Manage > Autoscale.
  2. In the Choose Deployment drop-down, choose your deployment. Choose any collection in the Choose Collection drop-down.
  3. In the top right of the screen select the AGENT drop-down then …Install.
    • The "Install" option is the auto-installation process and requires no manual work.
    • The "Download" option requires manual work by a system administrator
  4. The agent install, configuration and first run can take 10-15 minutes. Once functioning you will see the graph start reporting the number of seats in use (based on active users) and capacity.

Note: The agent is installed on MSDC under C:\MCIT_Agent and the agent log (called trace) is also in this directory. The install log is located in C: drives root.