Add a "provider" to your MyCloudIT customer account

How to give the modern MyCloudIT platform access your Azure subscriptions


As a client of the modern MyCloudIT (MCIT) platform it requires access to Azure to it can deploy and manage various parts of Azure such as virtual machines, backups, storage accounts etc. 

Some general rules around how the provider works:

  • An MCIT reseller can have one or more MCIT clients.
  • A client can have only one Azure provider (also know as Azure tenant or Azure AD instance).
  • One provider supports one or more subscriptions (as long as they are under the same Azure tenant as the provider)


To ensure the MyCloudIT platform and its features are working properly, the "provider user" must have the correct Azure access level:

  • The provider user must be have the Azure AD role Global Administrator.
  • The provider user must be have the subscription role (IAM) Owner.
  • We suggest you create a special azure service account just for this purpose such as


    You need to add your subscription so that recommendations and other data points can populate.

    1. Log into the MyCloudIT platform as the provider user. Note you may have been given an access code. 
    2. In the top right click your customer then Account
    3. In the account page click Provider
    4. Click on + Connect to Azure then sign in with your provider user.

    5. Tick the subscription you want to allow access to for this customer and click +ADD. Once you add your subscription, recommendations and other data points will start to populate.