How to remove RDS certificate warning: server name incorrect

On some MCIT deployments you may get this warning, we show you how to fix this issue

On some RDS MCIT deployments (classic and v3) you may get the warning: "The server name on the certificate is incorrect". 

You can still connect by clicking "yes" however there is a way to resolve this issue (mismatch between public RDS domain and AD domain name).

Warning: This only applies if you are using the public domain for RDS. If you use your own domain name and certificate this fix DOES NOT APPLY.

Note: This tool only works for: 

    • Basic and standard classic (v2) deployments
    • Standard v3 deployments

Warning: This tool does NOT work for: 

    • Domain joined classic (v2) deployments (we can manually assist with these, contact MCIT support and reference this article)
    • HA Broker RDS deployments
    • Any other RDS deployment

Warning: Users will need to re-download the RPD file for each collection they use again from rdweb

Follow this process:

  1. Make sure no users are connected to RDS
  2. Make sure all RDS servers are on (including all gateways and session hosts and the  broker)
  3. Log in as Domain admin account to the DC/DNS/RDS Broker server (they all must be on the same VM)
  4. Download the fix tool from:
    • Please contact MCIT support for assistance with this tool 
    • Note: If this above tool is flagged as a virus allow it in your antivirus and re-download.
  5. Right click the tool and "run as administrator"
  6. Follow the prompts
  7. Delete the fix tool