What are the types of cloud workspaces?

Learn what types of workspaces MyCloudIT offers.

  1. Azure Virtual Desktop
    1. You can deploy the full Windows 10 multi-session in minutes and have secure anytime, anywhere, any device access to cloud-hosted desktops in Microsoft Azure. You can manage multiple deployments for basic to complex environments and be able to choose from any Azure data region located around the world. You will be able to simplify and speed up the process of deploying, managing, and auto-scaling Azure Virtual Desktops using MyCloudIT.

  2. Remote Desktops
    1. Just like the previous platform, the new MyCloudIT automates the installation, management, and monitoring of your Remote Desktop Session (RDS) deployments within Azure.  You take 10 minutes to describe how you want it built and our automation takes the next ~90 minutes to build your RDS solution in Azure.  Once it’s built, you have a fully functional RDS deployment.