What is Multi-Tenancy?

Learn what multi-tenancy is and how it works.

Multi-tenancy allows you to manage multiple customers from a single pane of glass. By allowing you to view resources across multiple customers, you’ll be able to save on your overall costs. Even though they are sharing resources, the customers’ data is kept separate and confidential. Multi-tenancy introduces new savings by reducing development and deployment costs. It also simplifies your company’s IT operations since all your customers are managed from a single pane of glass.

There are two types of portal views:

  • Reseller. In this view, the user can see aggregated data of all the customers, add new customers, and manage support tickets. Add your organization as a customer and manage the same data and recommendations.
  • Client. In this view, the user can deploy and manage resources for their subscription. Additional features include Rightsizing VMs, Reserving Instances, Enabling Hybrid Benefit, Deploying Cloud Workspaces, Managing Cloud Workspaces, and Autoscaling.