What's available in the customer view?

Learn what's available in the Customer View and if it's the right view for you.

General Overview

The platform helps you understand overall performance through recommendations, potential cost savings based on consumption and capacity, and streamline your support tickets. Also, you will be able to deploy and manage your resources on Azure in a user-friendly UI.

In the Client view, the features and functionality are available:

Optimization Overview

Get a snapshot of all your recommendations and support tickets in one dashboard. With a focus on Cost, Security, Performance, High Availability, and Operational areas, review recommendations based on priority.

Cost Overview

The platform will identify the best long term fit for VM instances by reviewing these optimization strategies: Rightsize Virtual Machines, Reserve VM Instances, and Azure Hybrid Benefits (coming soon)


Deploy cloud workspaces, Azure Virtual Desktop, Remote Desktop Services (coming soon), and Remote Apps (coming soon), by describing how you want it built and letting the platform to automate the rest. Also, deploy domain services on a virtual network of your choice.


Manage your deployments, active directory, golden images, autoscale policies, and virtual machines with ease by selecting the deployment and collection on each page.


Create auto-scaling policies to scale out and scale in your resources based on peak and off-peak times. By optimizing auto-scaling, our MyCloudIT platform will have the ability to start and stop additional session hosts in your infrastructure based on user demand, using resources only when it is needed.


This is a lite support ticketing system that manages all of your tickets. You can create, assign, and resolve tickets as needed.