What's available in the reseller view?

Learn what's available in the Reseller View and if it's the right view for you.

General Overview

The platform helps Managed Service Providers manage multiple customers or departments in one platform, understand overall performance with aggregated recommendations across your customers, and review all your customer support tickets in a single location.

In the Reseller view, the features and functionality are available:


Get a snapshot of all your customers' aggregated recommendations and support tickets in one dashboard. With a focus on Cost, Security, Performance, High Availability, and Operational areas, you can review recommendations based on priority and which of your customers are impacted.

Manage your customers and add new customers to your platform. After you add a customer, you can open and view their portal as the administrator.


This is a lite support ticketing system that manages requests for all of your customers. You can create, assign, and resolve tickets as needed.